8 Tips for Moving During Fall

There are many things to consider when moving, but even more so are we are heading into fall. From preparing for rainy weather to staying safe, here are 8 tips to moving during fall.

1. Declutter from summer

As you are packing, take this time to clear out any summer gear you know won’t make the cut next summer. Worn out beach gear, old outdoor furniture or swimwear that you’ve outgrown can all be tossed or donated. Doing this now saves space in your new home and saves time when unpacking for next summer.

2. Dress for the weather

Keep in mind that rain might happen off and on during the laborious process of moving. If you are the standard “sweats + T-shirt + runners” kind of mover, make sure to keep a rainjacket and slip-resistant shoes/boots within reach. Having an umbrella nearby could also come in handy. Especially here in the Pacific Northwest, random rainstorms are inevitable.

3. Check for safety

Fallen leaves and pinecone debris can become hazardous when wet. Clear pathways from the house to the moving truck, especially on stairs, grass and sloped driveways. Leaves become very slick when compacted and wet, so sweep or rake them out of the way ahead of your movers.

4. Use plastic tarps and blankets

Remember that your precious items like lounge chairs and televisions are being moved outside in the rain. Even a few minutes in wet weather could damage your electronics or special fabrics, so invest in plastic tarps and moving blankets .

5. Think ahead for the holidays

Much like you should declutter your summer gear while packing, take some time to think ahead for the holidays. Set aside decorations, tableware and winter cooking items like crock pots and punch bowls where you can reach them quickly as the holidays roll around. This saves you time digging out those ornaments and wreaths once you’re all settled into your new home.

6. Set up utilities in advance

After a long day of moving, there is nothing worse than settling into your new home to find that the electricity or gas has not been set up. Especially on a wet, cold or rainy fall night. New accounts take time to set up, so to ensure you stay warm those first few nights, plan ahead and confirm that your heat is, in fact, ready for you.

7. Weatherize the car

Thinking in terms of rain and ice, make sure your car is geared up for anything. Make sure you have gas, good oil, anti-freeze, and other proper fluid levels. Check that your spare tire and car jack are accessible, as well as a flashlight, batteries, a blanket and ice-melting rock salt (or kitty litter) if possible. You can never be too prepared when it comes to driving during these fall/winter months.

8. Set aside essentials

This tip is important when moving during any season of the year, but especially so when fall storms start rolling in. Keep your essential items (toilet paper, toiletries, a few outfits, towels and cooking utensils) within easy reach. Nothing is worse than having to dig through mountains of boxes looking for your toothbrush. And the last thing you want to do is make a trip to the store for these items during a storm. So think ahead and have your essentials nearby.

Happy Moving Day!

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