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Getting rid of appliances, mattresses, and furniture is a hassle. If you don’t have a big truck or the muscle needed to load and unload the junk, it may even be impossible. Fortunately, Junk Pros can help. Items like mattresses, paint, and appliances require special handling and proper disposal. Our professional junk hauling crews will take all necessary steps to ensure these items are recycled or re-purposed whenever possible. We are dedicated to keep Seattle clean.

Simply give us a call, and we will send a professional junk removal crew to your location. They will provide you with a customized estimate based on the size of your load. If the price quote sounds fair, they will immediately start hauling away your unwanted paint, appliances, mattresses, and just about anything else you want to get rid of. Once your junk is loaded into our truck, our crew will clean up the vacated space.

This full-service approach to junk removal eliminates all of the hassle. Once your junk is hauled away, we make sure that recyclable items, like appliances, stay out of the landfill. This responsible approach to junk removal helps keep Seattle one of America’s cleanest cities.

To find out more about appliance recycling, paint disposal, and mattress removal, give us a call, or schedule a visit from one of our junk removal crews and take the hassle out of getting rid of unwanted items. We proudly cater to residential, commercial, and government clients.

Appliance recycling, paint disposal, and mattress removal from Junk Pros

  • Our appliance recycling specialists will determine the best recycling method depending on the type of appliance.
  • We utilize safe paint disposal techniques to ensure there is no environmental impact.
  • There is more to mattress removal than hauling it away.
  • Many parts of a mattress, like springs and foam, can be recycled.
  • If responsible junk disposal is important to you, contact Junk Pros today.

At Junk Pros, we haul just about anything away from your home or business. Certain items require special treatment to prevent harmful substances from impacting the environment. Many are made from recyclable materials. Our professional junk hauling crews make sure these items are handled with care and that all recyclable materials are routed accordingly.

Many of these items require special pricing in addition to our regular junk hauling rates. However, these charges are minimal and ensure that your old paint, appliances, and mattresses do not negatively impact the environment. Contact us today for an estimate or to schedule a visit to your home or business.

Appliance recycling from the experts at Junk Pros

Appliances like washing machines, ovens, and refrigerators require special care and attention. All are made of recyclable parts such as metals that can be taken to a metal recycling center. Refrigerators and freezers use Freon to generate cold temperatures, which is a gas that can damage ozone in the atmosphere if not handled with care. Obviously, it takes more work to property dispose of an old refrigerator or freezer, so we have to charge slightly more to haul away these appliances.

Our appliance recycling experts will come to your home or place of business to remove any used, unwanted, or broken appliances. If you have an old washer and dryer in your basement, our junk removal crew will haul it away, load it into our truck, and even sweep up the empty space where it once sat.

Costs for appliance recycling and hauling may vary depending on the appliance and the work required to ensure it is disposed of properly. Pricing is based on truck volume for many appliances, but refrigerators and freezers require special treatment, so a minimal fee is added onto the base price. Prices always include loading your appliance, hauling it away, and all recycling fees. If you have any questions about appliance recycling, contact our office today.

Mattress removal that you can depend on

It seems like there is a new mattress company popping up every week. Memory foam mattresses are becoming quite popular, but buying a new mattress means that you have to get rid of the old one. Getting rid of an old mattress is not easy, but our mattress removal experts can take care of the problem quickly and efficiently.

If you bought a new mattress, it’s doubtful that your weekly garbage service is going to let you set it on the curb. Unless you have a large truck, it’s nearly impossible to haul away a mattress on your own. Obviously, a lot of people have mattress removal issues because they are frequently spotted along roadsides all over the city.

Our mattress removal crews will come to your location, remove the mattress from anywhere in your home, and haul it away. You don’t even need to drag it outside, we handle every detail from start to finish.

What happens to my old mattress when I hire your mattress removal crew?

Both old and new mattresses are made from many different kinds of recyclable materials. Old mattresses are often made out of metal springs and fiber filling, both of which can be recycled. New mattresses, and some old mattresses, use different kinds of foam, most of which can be recycled. We route all recyclable mattress materials to recycling facilities, doing our part to minimize our environmental footprint.

If you run a hospital, hotel, or college campus, you may have many mattresses that need to be hauled away. If you’re in need of bulk mattress removal, we will work directly with you to arrange for a pickup time that best fits your schedule. When you set up your appointment, please let us know how many mattresses we will be hauling away.


Bed bug infestations have become more common, but we can quickly remove them from your home or place of business

If you are one of many Seattle residents or business owners who are dealing with a bed bug infestation, you need to get rid of all of your affected furniture and mattresses as quickly as possible. We ask that you inform us of the infestation ahead of time. When our mattress removal crew arrives, you will need to make sure that the mattress is wrapped. You will also need to show documentation that the mattress was treated by an exterminator. These precautions are in place to prevent our crew from coming into contact with bed bugs that could infest their home, or another client’s home.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our mattress removal crews, simply give us a call.

Paint disposal by the experts at Junk Pros

Our paint disposal experts can haul away your old cans of latex paint. Because latex paint cannot be recycled, we must ensure that it’s disposed of properly. If you make sure that any leftover paint inside the cans is completely dried out, all we have to is load it into our truck and drive away. However, if the paint isn’t dry, our paint removal crew will have to take this additional step, so a $10 charge per gallon will be added to the base rate.

While latex paint cannot be recycled, it is not considered a toxic substance. However, oil based paints are considered hazardous waste, so our paint disposal crews will not be able to haul them away. Lead based paints are also considered hazardous. We can offer some suggestions on how to dispose of hazardous waste, but you should take a look at the South Seattle Dump website to make sure you are in compliance with their regulations.

If you have any questions about paint disposal, or would like to speak with one of our paint disposal experts, give us a call today.


Furniture removal and disposal

Getting rid of old furniture isn’t necessarily difficult, but it does require a large truck and a significant amount of strength. Our furniture removal crews can haul away your old furniture and make sure that it’s properly disposed of. We always take steps to re-purpose old furniture when possible. In some circumstances, furniture parts can even be recycled.

If you’re a homeowner, our furniture removal crew will come to your home and haul away old dressers, chairs, sofas, and even old pianos. You don’t have to do a thing. Simply show us what you want hauled away, and we will provide you with an accurate cost estimate for all furniture removal. If you accept the price quote, we will immediately get to work by loading up the furniture and hauling it away. Our crew will even vacuum or sweep the area from which the furniture was removed.

Contact us today for all of your junk hauling needs

If own or run a restaurant, dormitory, hospital, or hotel, and have a large amount of furniture to dispose of, our furniture removal crew has you covered. We are more than happy to work around your schedule so that everything can be hauled away quickly and efficiently. This not only eliminates the hassle associated with furniture removal but also keeps costs to a minimum.

We offer specialized services for our business and commercial customers

We proudly cater to Seattle businesses, commercial property owners, and government agencies. We recognize that you have special needs when it comes to the removal of unwanted mattresses, paint, furniture, and appliances. We can arrange for a one-time junk pickup job or maintain an ongoing business relationship with monthly billing options.

Contractors that specialize in remodeling will especially appreciate this service. Our junk hauling experts help keep the jobsite clean, which is something your clients will appreciate. Some of the specialized services we offer commercial clients include:

  • Monthly invoicing
  • Bulk service discounts
  • Professional service from uniformed trash removal experts
  • Fully licensed and bonded workers
  • Same day service
  • Off hours service
  • Environmentally responsible that reinforces your business ethics

Pricing for paint disposal, mattress removal, and appliance recycling

The majority of our junk hauling jobs are priced according to the size of the load. The larger the load, the more you will save. However, some items require extra care, so we charge a small, additional fee. What follows is a breakdown of some of the more common items we encounter.

  • Appliances – Most appliances are included in our bed load rate, but freezers and refrigerators are exceptions because we must safely remove Freon gas. The additional charge for hauling away a freezer or refrigerator is $35.
  • Furniture – Most furniture is included in our bed load rate, but pianos are an exception because of their weight. We charge an additional $50 per piano, which is a highly competitive and an affordable rate.
  • Latex Paint – If you dry out your paint before we haul it away there is no additional fee. However, if it’s not dried out before we handle the paint disposal, we add a fee of $10 per gallon.
  • Mattresses – Mattresses and box springs are bulky and unwieldy, but they are included in our bed load rate.

It’s often possible to save money by breaking down larger items in some way, but we will haul anything away from your home or business whether it’s broken down or not. If you have any questions about pricing, give us a call, and we will provide you with a ballpark estimate by phone.

Contact us today for all of your junk hauling needs

Getting rid of unwanted junk doesn’t have to be a hassle. The experts at Junk Pros can haul away just about anything from your home or place of business, and you never have to lift a finger. We specialize in the following services:

  • Refrigerator disposal
  • Appliance Disposal
  • Mattress Pick Up
  • Furniture Removal
  • Furniture Disposal
  • Furniture Pick Up

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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