You Trash Talkin? A Glossary Of Need To Know Waste Terms

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You Trash Talkin? A Glossary of Need to Know Waste Terms

These waste related terms are helpful in understanding just what you are throwing out

Bulk Items : Items of furniture that cannot reasonably be placed in a 95-gallon rollout cart during curbside waste collection

  • Commonly sofas, tables, carpets, chairs, etc.

Construction and Demolition Materials: Waste materials from construction, remodeling, demolition or repair of residential, commercial or other structures

  • Commonly includes concrete, wood, metals, plastics, brick

Composting: The process of making a heap of organic matter (into humus) and breaking it down into a nutrient-dense compost used for landscaping, horticulture, and agriculture

  • Commonly includes fruit and vegetable peels, leaves, “green” waste

E-Waste(Electronic Waste): Discarded electrical or electronic devices

    • Commonly includes cell phones, TV’s, computers, laptops, DVR’s, cording, etc.
  • Carcinogens: Cancer-causing substance that can be released into the air from electronics that are improperly disposed of
  • Refurbishing: The process of repairing or changing components of hard/software
  • End of Life (EOL): The point when a product can no longer be used for any purpose whatsoever and should be disposed of properly
  • End of Use (EOU): The point when a product can no long be used for original purpose, but may still be useful for something else

Fly-tipping: The illegal disposal of waste on land not certified to store and/or receive it

Garbage: Sold waste consisting of wasted or spoiled food and other refuse, as from a kitchen or household. Includes waste materials from markets, storage facilities, handling and sale of produce and other farm products.

Hazardous Waste: Any solid waste identified or listed as hazardous waste by any state agency or the administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA )

  • Common household hazardous waste includes all-purpose cleaners, paints, charcoal, hair spray, transmission fluid, nail polish, motor oil, etc .

Inorganic Waste: Waste composed of materials other than plant or animal matter

  • i.e. Sand, dust, glass, synthetic materials

Recyclable Materials: The raw or processed materials that can be recovered from a waste stream for reuse and repurpose

  • Includes glass, paper, cardboard, metal, plastic, tires, electronics, compost

Residential Solid Waste: Also known as household waste , is the solid waste comprising of garbage and rubbish

  • Such as bottles, cans, clothing, compost, disposables, food packaging, yard trimmings

Refuse: Rubbish accumulated from households, retail center or offices

  • Includes discarded food items, paper, and green waste

Rubbish: Solid waste that does not include organic matter (non-putrescible)

  • Includes wood, rubber, paper, rags, cardboard, cartons, rubber, plastics, glass, crockery, metal cans or other such waste

Solid Waste Drop Off Site/ Convenience Center: Any facility where solid wastes are processed, including but not limited to solid waste compost sites, materials recovery facilities, recycling centers, and solid waste transfer stations

Special Waste: Any solid waste or combination of solid waste that requires special handling and disposal, due to its quantity, concentration, physical or chemical characteristics or biological properties

  • Examples include asbestos, pit sludge, dried paint filters, bio-solids, grease/scrum waste, petroleum-contaminated soil

White Goods: The term for refrigerator, ranges, washers, water heaters and other similar domestic appliances

Virgin Materials: Materials that are collected from the land in their raw form

  • I.e. timber and metal

Yard Trash: Leaves, grass, brush, shrubs, tree prunings and other vegetable materials gathered from residential yard maintenance

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