How Rage Rooms Could Be Good for Junk Haulers

Make room for Rage Rooms

Rage rooms are a national viral smash…literally. Which is crazy that I’ve only recently learned of them right in my neighborhood.

(Here I am, thinking they were localized to our aggressive, trendsetting East Coasters. But apparently, our ultra-friendly neighbors in Seattle have some rage, too.)

If you don’t know, ‘Rage Rooms’ (a.k.a. Smash Rooms, a.k.a. Anger Rooms) are places where you can pay to break various junk items as a form of de-stressing.

And the best part? You can break stuff in any way you’d like. For instance, you can take a sledgehammer to a TV, a bat to a table or hurling multiple wine bottles against a brick wall, etc. For the right price, it’s a free for all.

The cost? Well, that depends on the amount of junk you want to break. Options start from the ‘$15 BYOB (bring your own box of stuff) to the $300 Overkill Package which includes over 100 items like TV’s, wine bottle and printers’, according to USA Today .

So why does this intrigue me as a junk hauler?

Rage rooms seem awesome for us “Type A” personalities. This is especially true for us millennials that lean toward overconsumption of junk and under-management of stress. Even more so, this could be the start of a beautiful partnership between rage room owners and junk haulers. So above all, I have to ask:

Where do these junk items used in Rage Rooms come from?

A rage room owner from Austin, TX found the answer here , and yes it is brilliant. This guy has dual ownership of a junk hauling business and a rage room, all of which are housed in a warehouse used to separate and transport the junk goods he collects by day.

The items provided to his Rage Room customers for their smashing pleasure are basically any items that could not be donated and will eventually get recycled from junk hauling. Items range from office furniture, old monitors and even ceramic toilets and even include unusual items like pianos and cars.

The adjacent junk-hauler in me jumps to our “recycle and donate as much as possible” mission statement.

For this owner, he says that allowing customers to break certain items to their rawest state, helps him in the process of cleaning, storing, transporting and recycling the material. Imagine, a customer spends twenty minutes with an old, unsellable dresser and a sledgehammer—next thing you know you have a pile of wood and materials ready to be shoveled in the truck and recycled. This not only maximizes his truck space, but the business itself pays for the gas, fees and time it takes to take the junk to the dump.

Now imagine if more rage rooms partnered up with their neighboring junk haulers to close the gap of landfill dumping.

It’s genius. Shout out to rage room owners who have found yet another creative way to repurpose junk.

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