It’s Never Too Early to Start Weatherproofing

Even though there are a few weeks of summer to go,  it’s never too early to start thinking of how to weatherproof your home.

Weatherproofing might seem tedious and unnecessary, especially in smaller apartment rentals, but in fact, you can save as much as 25% on your energy bill with the right supplies.

Lower energy bills save you money for the upcoming holidays–because yes it is right around the corner!

And weatherproofing is actually quite easy. We’ve searched online for some budget-friendly supplies under $20 that will keep your apartment or home super cozy for the cold months ahead.


1. Rolled Rope Caulking is the unsung hero of weatherproofing any sized cracks in your window panes. Similar to silly putty, you can pull apart and press this caulking into the edges of your windows. This seals off any cracks and prevents cold drafts from both inside and outside of windows.

Rope Caulk

2. Removable magnetic window insulation is a great choice for rentals or incremental weather because they are easily removable. This insulated vinyl is held in place with magnets rather than tape, so you can remove it easily when you want to open your windows. Here are the simple instructions here .

Window Installation

Photo courtesy of Everyday Crafty Goodness

3. Thermal Insulated Curtains are a low-cost option to insulate your rooms from both the sun heat and winter chill. These block any window drafts from entering the room while trapping the heat inside your home. As an added bonus, these thick curtains doubles as a noise reducer; great for children’s room and quiet nights.

Thermal Curtains


1. Door Draft Stopper is an easily installable silicone door sweeper that keeps the heat or cold from escaping from under your door. These are multi-functional in keeping out noise and dirt, as well as drafts.

Door Sweeper

2. A free option in the meantime, or for an unexpected storm, rolled up towels can perform the same function as well.


  1. Keep doors closed.
  2. Check your heating system and change air filter every three months.
  3. Make sure portable heaters are in areas that maximize heat dispersal, like in the center of the room and not blocked by furniture
  4. Check out more weatherproofing tips on Energy Star

Got junk?

It’s never too soon to get your home ready for the cold fall and winter months, especially with these energy-saving tips. Our guys at Junk Pros are all about eco-friendly value. So give us a call today to learn about our reliably ‘green’ junk hauling and dumpster rental services.

Happy Weatherizing!

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