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Bellevue Junk Pros do the dirty work so you don't have to

The Bellevue junk removal experts at Junk Pros will get rid of just about anything you don't want around your home or business.

Our professional Bellevue junk hauling crew will come to your location, responsibly remove all of your junk and trash, and then make sure the vacated space is completely clean.

Our Bellevue junk removal service is affordable and response times are fast, so contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Our Bellevue junk hauling experts will make your trash disappear

  • Junk Pros, Bellevue’s junk removal service, is far more affordable than a dumpster rental.
  • Our Bellevue junk removal crew will haul away most items from your home, business, or construction site.
  • When our professional Bellevue junk hauling crew is done with the job, they spotlessly clean the vacated space.
  • Our uniformed crew members are courteous, professional, and prompt.
  • Get more information about our Bellevue junk removal service by giving us a call.
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      Whether you are a homeowner, manage a retail space, or run a construction company, you know it is a hassle when you have to get rid of unwanted trash and junk. It's also expensive. The Bellevue junk hauling experts at Junk Pros make it possible for you to keep your hands clean AND save money. Our Bellevue junk removal service makes it possible for you to get rid of unwanted items with ease. Our services include:

      • Trash Pickup
      • Trash Hauling
      • Trash Removal
      • Refrigerator Disposal
      • Appliance Disposal
      • Mattress Pickup
      • Furniture Removal
      • Furniture Disposal
      • Furniture Pickup

      Straightforward, upfront pricing means there are never any unexpected charges.

      The many benefits of using our Bellevue junk removal service

      If you have junk, we will get rid of it. Consider the benefits of hiring our professional junk hauling crew before you get your hands dirty:

      • Our Bellevue junk hauling crew will provide you with a customized quote, which means you only pay for what we haul away.
      • We provide you with a price quote up front, and if you do not like it, you are not obligated to accept it.
      • Our Bellevue junk removal experts offer full service care.
      • Junk Pros' prices are fair, affordable, and competitive.
      • You can pay our crew onsite when the job is done.

      Contact Junk Pros today to schedule a visit.

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      Bellevue WA Tidbits

      The city of Bellevue is located in the eastside portion of King County, Washington. With over 144,000 residents according to the 2017 census estimate , Bellevue is considered as the third biggest city in the Seattle metropolitan area. The name Bellevue is of French origin and it literally means "beautiful view."

      Bellevue started out as a quiet village with only little progress. In 1869, the area was claimed by William Meydenbauer and Aaron Mercer. Significant changes were only evident during the 1940s when the Lake Washington Floating Bridge was constructed.

      When the bridge opened, it was able to provide easy access to Seattle and other neighboring cities. Bellevue eventually became a bedroom community and in 1942, huge tracts of land was available for residents to develop. This economic expansion led to what is now popularly known as the Bellevue downtown area.

      On March 21, 1953, Bellevue was officially incorporated as city. In 1963, a second bridge called Evergreen Point Floating Bridge opened and Bellevue began to flourish more quickly. Since then, high-rise infrastructures continued to multiply in the city.

      In 1946, Bellevue Square, one of the largest shopping malls opened. During the 1980s, the Bellevue Square went through an extensive expansion. Recently, an extension called "The Lodge" helped cement Bellevue's reputation as the biggest shopping destination in Eastside.

      Bellevue occupies a land area of 31.97 square miles according to the data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau. If the weather permits, picturesque views of the Olympic Mountains and Cascade Mountains can be witnessed from the towering skyscrapers or from the hillside.

      The city is also made up of 4.50 square miles of water. In fact, it is fenced by two lakes: Lake Washington is on its west and Lake Sammamish is on the east end. Bellevue is divided by Interstate 405 from north to south, and Interstate 90 from west to east.

      Bellevue's city limits extend up to the area of the Cougar Mountain. The city's neighborhoods like Coal Creek, Factoria, and Somerset are all located to the west of the mountain. At the top of the Cougar Mountain, there's an unincorporated area that's a part of King County.

      When you are in Bellevue, you are near to a lot of places. The neighboring cities adjacent to Bellevue are: Kirkland to the north, Seattle to the northwest, Redmond to the northeast, Mercer Island to the west, Sammamish to the east, Newcastle to the south, Renton to the southwest, and Issaquah to the southeast. Bellevue is also surrounded by many affluent communities such as Clyde Hill, Hunts Point, Medina, and Yarrow Point.

      Economically, Bellevue is home to many businesses such as technology companies and game developing companies. This boom started during the early 90s. To name a few, game developers like ArenaNet, Bungie, HerInteractive, and Valve are responsible for today's bestselling online game and these companies are all based in Bellevue.

      The city also has numerous commercial hubs. Aside from the Bellevue Square, shopping centers like the Factoria Mall, Crossroads Mall, and the Overlake Shopping District provide a unique shopping experience. Currently, Bellevue's downtown area is the second biggest city center in the state of Washington with over 1,300 stores, 10,000 occupants, and 45,000 employees.