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The Redmond junk removal experts at Junk Pros will get rid of just about anything you don't want around your home or business.

Our professional Redmond junk hauling crew will come to your location, responsibly remove all of your junk and trash, and then make sure the vacated space is completely clean.

Our Redmond junk removal service is affordable and response times are fast, so contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Our Redmond junk hauling experts will make your trash disappear

  • Junk Pros, Redmond’s junk removal service, is far more affordable than a dumpster rental.
  • Our Redmond junk removal crew will haul away most items from your home, business, or construction site.
  • When our professional Redmond junk hauling crew is done with the job, they spotlessly clean the vacated space.
  • Our uniformed crew members are courteous, professional, and prompt.
  • Get more information about our Redmond junk removal service by giving us a call.
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      Whether you are a homeowner, manage a retail space, or run a construction company, you know it is a hassle when you have to get rid of unwanted trash and junk. It's also expensive. The Redmond junk hauling experts at Junk Pros make it possible for you to keep your hands clean AND save money. Our Redmond junk removal service makes it possible for you to get rid of unwanted items with ease. Our services include:

      • Trash Pickup
      • Trash Hauling
      • Trash Removal
      • Refrigerator Disposal
      • Appliance Disposal
      • Mattress Pickup
      • Furniture Removal
      • Furniture Disposal
      • Furniture Pickup

      Straightforward, upfront pricing means there are never any unexpected charges.

      The many benefits of using our Redmond junk removal service

      If you have junk, we will get rid of it. Consider the benefits of hiring our professional junk hauling crew before you get your hands dirty:

      • Our Redmond junk hauling crew will provide you with a customized quote, which means you only pay for what we haul away.
      • We provide you with a price quote up front, and if you do not like it, you are not obligated to accept it.
      • Our Redmond junk removal experts offer full service care.
      • Junk Pros' prices are fair, affordable, and competitive.
      • You can pay our crew onsite when the job is done.

      Contact Junk Pros today to schedule a visit.

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      Redmond WA Tidbits

      Another city that is part of King County is Redmond, which is 16 miles east of Seattle. According to its latest census estimate, Redmond's 2017 population reached over 64,000 people. Redmond is known for being the base of two tech giants: Microsoft and Nintendo.

      Based on relics and artifacts, the Native Americans were the earliest settlers in Redmond. They inhabited the place for more than 10,000 years, but development only started during the 1870s. Luke McRedmond, the first settler from Europe, claimed a piece of land located near the Sammamish Slough. In 1871, Warren Perrigo followed and occupied the property next to Luke McRedmond's homestead.

      Salmonberg was originally the name of the settlement area. When the first post office was completed in 1881, the name was officially changed to Melrose. The newly establishment community was named after Perrigos' property called the Melrose House. McRedmond did not like the idea and so when he became the postmaster in 1883, he renamed it Redmond.

      Initially, Redmond was known as a place for fishermen and loggers. Its logging industry broadened when a railway was built in 1889. With its abundance of fishes and wooded forests, Redmond was able to attract other businesses to the community. After the population went up to 300 resident, Redmond officially became a town on December 31, 1912.

      During the 1920s, things weren't favorable for Redmond. The new town faced an economic plunge. The saloons closed down and the forests were deteriorating. Redmond had no choice, but to say goodbye to their primary source of income. To keep the town alive, Redmond ventured to another business. From logging, agriculture became their new industry.

      Soon, the tides changed and Redmond started to progress for the better. The Evergreen Point Floating Bridge tremendously helped Redmond to blossom as a bedroom community of Seattle. In fact, Redmond was awarded as Washington's fastest developing city in 1978.

      Redmond experienced an economic upsurge in the 90s and many high-tech companies made corporate offices in the city. In 1997, numerous retail stores crowded the Redmond Town Center and it became a significant commercial hub in the neighborhood.

      Aside from Seattle, Redmond is next to cities like Kirkland, Bellevue, and Sammamish. The northern and eastern parts of the city still remains unincorporated. Redmond occupies a total land area of 16.94 square miles.

      Redmond experiences all four seasons, but snowfall is not common. From June to September, the city encounters warm and dry summers. The warmest month of the is August while November is the month with the most number of precipitation. On July 29, 2009, Redmond experienced a scorching hot temperature of 105 F, the highest ever recorded.

      According to the U.S. Census Bureau's 2015 data, an average household in Redmond earns about $99,586 annually. The average cost for a house in 2016 was $525,000. As of the 2012-2016 data, there were a total of 23,756 households living in Redmond and an average household has 2.48 members.

      Various companies still choose to put up their headquarters in Redmond because the city does not collect a Business and Occupation tax. According to Redmond's Financial Report in 2015, Microsoft Corporation remains to be the city's largest business firm with more than 40,000 full-time employees.