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The Sammamish junk removal experts at Junk Pros will get rid of just about anything you don't want around your home or business.

Our professional Sammamish junk hauling crew will come to your location, responsibly remove all of your junk and trash, and then make sure the vacated space is completely clean.

Our Sammamish junk removal service is affordable and response times are fast, so contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Our Sammamish junk hauling experts will make your trash disappear

  • Junk Pros, Sammamish’s junk removal service, is far more affordable than a dumpster rental.
  • Our Sammamish junk removal crew will haul away most items from your home, business, or construction site.
  • When our professional Sammamish junk hauling crew is done with the job, they spotlessly clean the vacated space.
  • Our uniformed crew members are courteous, professional, and prompt.
  • Get more information about our Sammamish junk removal service by giving us a call.
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      Whether you are a homeowner, manage a retail space, or run a construction company, you know it is a hassle when you have to get rid of unwanted trash and junk. It's also expensive. The Sammamish junk hauling experts at Junk Pros make it possible for you to keep your hands clean AND save money. Our Sammamish junk removal service makes it possible for you to get rid of unwanted items with ease. Our services include:

      • Trash Pickup
      • Trash Hauling
      • Trash Removal
      • Refrigerator Disposal
      • Appliance Disposal
      • Mattress Pickup
      • Furniture Removal
      • Furniture Disposal
      • Furniture Pickup

      Straightforward, upfront pricing means there are never any unexpected charges.

      The many benefits of using our Sammamish junk removal service

      If you have junk, we will get rid of it. Consider the benefits of hiring our professional junk hauling crew before you get your hands dirty:

      • Our Sammamish junk hauling crew will provide you with a customized quote, which means you only pay for what we haul away.
      • We provide you with a price quote up front, and if you do not like it, you are not obligated to accept it.
      • Our Sammamish junk removal experts offer full service care.
      • Junk Pros' prices are fair, affordable, and competitive.
      • You can pay our crew onsite when the job is done.

      Contact Junk Pros today to schedule a visit.

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      Sammamish WA Tidbits

      Sammamish is not your typical city because it is situated on an elevated land. The elevation of Sammamish's highest point is 540 feet while average elevation is around 310 feet. According to the city's website, its 2016 population was 61,250 residents. The combined land and water area of Sammamish is 18.47 square miles.

      Aside from being close to Lake Sammamish, Beaver Lake and Pine Lake two of the biggest lakes surround the city. Sammamish is also encircled by key cities such as Redmond, Carnation, Bellevue, Issaquah, and Fall City.

      For the most part, Sammamish was an unincorporated portion of King County. The tables turned when resorts were starting to be made during the 1930s. Slowly, the once quiet plateau turned into a mix of residential houses and commercial establishments.

      In 1991, plans to merge Sammamish with the nearby Issaquah did not push through. The next year, Sammamish voted to incorporate. However, becoming a city was difficult during that time as there were certain policies given by the county government and residents need to unanimously agree to incorporate. After years of waiting, Sammamish became a city on August 31, 1999.

      A total nine parks are in the city and they are as follows: Beaver Lake Park, Big Rock Park, East Sammamish Park, Ebright Creek Park, Evans Creek Preserve, NE Sammamish Park, Pine Lake Park, Sammamish Commons, and Sammamish Landing.

      Beaver Lake Park used to be a privately-owned resort during the 1930s and then, King County bought the property. In 2003, King County decided to transfer Beaver Lake Park to Sammamish. Now, Beaver Lake Park is a 83-acre tract filled with wooded forests and hiking trails.

      The northern portion of Beaver Lake Park is perfect for those who want to commune with nature and wish to experience a tranquil atmosphere. Visitors can easily access Beaver Lake or head to the lake's facilities. Two rental spaces are available: 1) Lodge at Beaver Lake and 2) The Beaver Lake Pavilion.

      The western section is for the physically fit and active. On this side of Beaver Lake Park , there are sports fields for Baseball, Soccer and Softball, a playground for kids, a picnic shelter with barbeque grills, and an off-leash park for your cute pets.

      If you want to go shopping, there are three options: Sammamish Highlands, The Village at Sammamish Town Center, and Klahanie Shopping Center. Sammamish Highlands is where you will find supermarkets like Safeway, pharmacies like Bartell Drugs, and specialty stores like Trader Joe's. The Village is the biggest among the three strip malls and it's where you will find local grocers like Metropolitan Market.

      According to a census data published in 2012, the average income for a family was $152,364 and Sammamish's per capita income that year was $55,550. That same year, Forbes recognized Sammamish as the #1 Friendliest Towns in the U.S.

      Sammamish was also awarded as the country's 5th safest city. In 2007, CNN Money named Sammamish as one of the Best Place to Live . Sammamish was consistently on the same list and it was #12 in 2009. Finally, it gained the 15th spot in 2011.

      On January 1, 2016, Sammamish expanded further and Klahanie was added to the city. Currently, Sammamish follows the Council - Manager form of government. The people elect seven city councilors and in return, the elected council members need to decide who among them will become the city mayor.