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The Woodinville junk removal experts at Junk Pros will get rid of just about anything you don't want around your home or business.

Our professional Woodinville junk hauling crew will come to your location, responsibly remove all of your junk and trash, and then make sure the vacated space is completely clean.

Our Woodinville junk removal service is affordable and response times are fast, so contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Our Woodinville junk hauling experts will make your trash disappear

  • Junk Pros, Woodinville’s junk removal service, is far more affordable than a dumpster rental.
  • Our Woodinville junk removal crew will haul away most items from your home, business, or construction site.
  • When our professional Woodinville junk hauling crew is done with the job, they spotlessly clean the vacated space.
  • Our uniformed crew members are courteous, professional, and prompt.
  • Get more information about our Woodinville junk removal service by giving us a call.
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      Whether you are a homeowner, manage a retail space, or run a construction company, you know it is a hassle when you have to get rid of unwanted trash and junk. It's also expensive. The Woodinville junk hauling experts at Junk Pros make it possible for you to keep your hands clean AND save money. Our Woodinville junk removal service makes it possible for you to get rid of unwanted items with ease. Our services include:

      • Trash Pickup
      • Trash Hauling
      • Trash Removal
      • Refrigerator Disposal
      • Appliance Disposal
      • Mattress Pickup
      • Furniture Removal
      • Furniture Disposal
      • Furniture Pickup

      Straightforward, upfront pricing means there are never any unexpected charges.

      The many benefits of using our Woodinville junk removal service

      If you have junk, we will get rid of it. Consider the benefits of hiring our professional junk hauling crew before you get your hands dirty:

      • Our Woodinville junk hauling crew will provide you with a customized quote, which means you only pay for what we haul away.
      • We provide you with a price quote up front, and if you do not like it, you are not obligated to accept it.
      • Our Woodinville junk removal experts offer full service care.
      • Junk Pros' prices are fair, affordable, and competitive.
      • You can pay our crew onsite when the job is done.

      Contact Junk Pros today to schedule a visit.

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      Woodinville WA Tidbits

      Woodinville is a city in the northern region of King County. It is located to east of Bothell and both cities are a part of the Seattle metropolitan area. As of 2010, Woodinville's population was estimated to be 10,938 residents. Woodinville is known for its winery and brewery, lakefront parks, wooded suburbs.

      The Sammamish were the first people in Woodinville. Development happened only during 1871 when Susan Woodin and her family moved to an area near Sammamish River. The family started a cattle farm and built a tiny house next to it.

      Eventually, a town grew around the Woodin property and their cabin was remolded as the town's first school. Susan became the post office's first postmaster and her son-in-law built the first general store. Like its geographic neighbors, farming and logging became Woodinville's primary industry.

      After 1945, Woodinville gradually became a suburb of Seattle. The archaic town's popularity skyrocketed when Led Zeppelin and other famous rock bands performed at Woodinville's Gold Creek as part of a music festival. It exceeded the expectations of the organizers and there were more than 50,000 fans who attended the event.

      The nearby city of Bothell wanted to take over Woodinville and merge it to one city. However, the residents of Woodinville did not agree to this proposal. Hence, in 1992, Woodinville decided to stand on its own. On March 31, 1993, exactly a year after unanimously agreeing to incorporate, Woodinville officially became a city.

      Woodinville has a total land area of 5.60 square miles according to the data given by the U.S. Census Bureau. The assigned post codes are 98072 and 98077 The 98072 zip code refers to the east of the city and also an area near Snohomish County. The 98077 zip code are for those homes outside the city limits, but the United States Postal Service still categorizes them as part of Woodinville.

      Law enforcement in Woodinville is connected to King County Sheriff's Office for law enforcement services. The places adjacent to Woodinville are Bothell, Kirkland, and an unincorporated region of Snohomish County and King County.

      Woodinville was able to preserve the remnants of the past. In fact, two historic railways are still functional. The lines are still used for transporting goods and services. King County officials wanted to demolish the lines and convert them to bicycle trails instead. Another viable proposal is to expand the rail service to other nearby cities like Bellevue to help commuters travel to Eastside cities.

      There are seven residential areas within Woodinville: East Wellington, Reinwood Leota, Woodinville Heights, Wedge, West Wellington, Upper West Ridge, and Lower West Ridge. Woodinville Heights is the neighborhood residences close to Woodinville's town center.

      Woodinville offers a mix of places to visit, from the local shops to their signature wineries. If you want to stroll around, the Tourist District is the ideal place. The place is filled with wineries such as Columbia Winery, Chateau Ste. Michelle, SilverLake Winery, Novelty Hill & Januik Winery, and more. Chateau Ste. Michelle is the oldest and most popular winery in Washington.

      With over 130 wineries in Woodinville, the options are endless. There are fine dining restaurants like The Herbfarm, which offers a unique dining experience. If you want to buy uncommon souvenirs, head to Molbak's Garden and Home to buy seasonal decors and farm fresh perennials.