The Ultimate Guide For Preparing For Moving Day

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The ultimate guide for preparing for moving day

It’s 7am. You’re surrounded by a sea of over-stuffed boxes, the fridge is brimming with soon-to-expire perishables and the dog is causing havoc in the laundry.

There’s no way around it, moving home causes stress and strain for every family. If moving day is on the horizon, getting a head start on your preparations will help set you up for a smooth and successful moving experience.

1. Assess your current situation

Have you been in your home for many decades? Is the attic overflowing with mementoes and the garage packed with skis, bikes and forgotten gym equipment? Consider the size and scale of your home well ahead of moving day, assessing how many rooms and belongings you’ll need to pack away beforehand. If you need help consider hiring someone to help de-clutter and/or a home packing company .

2. Set a realistic moving house budget

Although one of the most overlooked steps when preparing for moving day, setting a clear budget will help you keep tabs of the big and small expenditures that will arise when preparing to move home.

Sit down and create a spreadsheet that accounts for expenses such as packaging supplies (boxes, bubblewrap, tape etc.), moving insurance, packing and removal services.

  1. Request time off for moving day

    Once you’ve locked in a moving date, make sure to request leave with your employer to ensure you’ll have full availability for the big day (as well as a few extra days off to unpack and settle into your new home). People often choose to move homes on the weekends to ensure they have time to unpack after the move.

    4. Create an achievable checklist

    With so many things to keep track of, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed in the lead-up to moving day. Write out a list of every task you’ll need to complete with clear deadlines to understand what your top priorities are each week, allowing extra time in case of unexpected delays.

    5. Declutter every room

    In the words of Marie Kondo, ‘does the item spark joy?’ Simplify the moving process by decluttering every room of your home, selling or donating unwanted items to friends, family or local charity organisations. You don’t want to pay the movers to move items to your new property that you will never use, so this is a great opportunity to get rid of the things you don’t use or need.

    6. Source suitable packing boxes

    Consider the shape and weight of each item you’re packing and select a sturdy, well-sized box to pack your belongings. Avoid overstuffing boxes as this can cause breakages and accidents during moving day. You could look for a box company that hires the boxes instead of purchasing them, this can be cheaper and means they will come collect them after your move.

    7. Keep things systematic

    Think ahead and ensure you pack similar items into the same box, organising items by room to make the unpacking process seamless and straightforward.

  2. Label your packing boxes

    Once you’ve sealed each box, chances are you’ll have a hard time deciphering the contents! Save time by clearly labelling each box as you go, allowing you to easily place boxes into their appropriate room upon arrival in your new home. You could also number the boxes.

    9. Arrange day care for the children

    Keep the little ones entertained and away from the chaos of moving day by arranging day care or play dates well in advance. If you have furry friends in your family, ask friends or family to take them off your hands for the day to streamline the moving experience. If you have any pets you may also want to give them to a friend or family for the day.

    10. Hire a professional removals company

    Investing in a trained and professional removalist company will ensure your belongings arrive safely in your new home, saving you time, stress and money. A removalist will take extra measures to ensure your items are packed and transported safely as they’re trained to pack, transport and deliver your items efficiently to make moving day a breeze.

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