Preparing for the Holidays

We’re already weeks away from Halloween, which means the inevitable sprint to Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year is well underway. It’s all gonna move pretty fast from here, from planning your holiday parties to flying in the family, to the super necessary deep cleaning you need to do on the house.

Last-minute plans are just part of the deal here. But there are a few ways to stifle the stress of holiday to-do lists.

Meal planning like a boss

When planning your holiday party, remember to start early and write it all out. Items like dinner menus, how to decorate, and events you may want to take your family to can be planned well in advance. Apps like AnyList and Mealime are great tools for meal-planning and making interactive grocery lists that you can save and update as the parties get closer. If you’re deciding to do most of the cooking this year (you wonderful foodie, you!), keeping your shopping list organized is important.

Travel like a pro

Probably the most stressful part of the holidays, travel plans will always stress you out. Flights will delay, friends will be no shows, or even worse…will bring extra people unexpectedly! Get ahead with TripIt to create itineraries and access flight info for your friends and family. Have a backup plan in place if there is a chance more people will attend. If you’re the forgetful type, Packing Pro is a great app to organize everything you need to do, from a customizable packing list, passport renewal due date, local weather and maps of nearby shopping. Traveling will always be stressful, but apps like these can at least help you keep track of the madness.

Clean the house like you should

If you know that the house needs a deep clean, start now! Waiting to the last minute only adds more on your plate and things could start to feel overwhelming. So start early and decide which route you want to take. Start with the larger, more difficult rooms first. If making room for overnight guests, use the basement or attic for temporary storage. Going from room to room, take note of any junk that needs to be thrown out. Then, read up on: Tips for Unexpected House Guests , and Decluttering: A Mom-Approved Guide to Un-Junking Your House.

Then, call Junk Pros.

For all your unwanted junk, consider letting our guys at Junk Pros help. With one phone call, our professionals will come to you and haul away trash, appliances, old furniture and any clutter/unwanted items from right where it lies. Let our team help get you through these holidays.

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