Removing Your Old Carpeting

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Removing Your Old Carpeting

Getting new carpet in your home or office is very exciting. It’s like giving your space a face-lift. But the only thing standing in your way to a new look is removing the old carpeting! Here are some helpful basics for removing that old carpet.

Step1: The Pull Back

Begin by gearing up: Protect your hands with heavy-duty work gloves and a dust mask. Wear sturdy, closed-toed shoes to protect your feet. Start in one corner, and use a utility knife to cut the carpeting. Using a sturdy pair of pliers, pull the carpet up and towards you, rolling it up as you go backward.

Step 2: Cutting

Using your utility knife, cut large strips in the carpet 3-4 feet in width, from baseboard to baseboard. This will make removing large pieces of old carpet easier to roll up, move and stack in your pile for disposal.

Step 3: Remove Padding

There is usually padding beneath the carpet, so carefully remove that as well. Some padding may be loose, but could also be stapled in place. Work carefully to remove these staples with your pliers as you go. In the case that the padding is glued to the foundation base, use a heavy-duty scraper to remove as much as you can.

Step 4: Call JunkProsWA

Traditional trash collection doesn’t bother with piles of old carpeting, so you won’t be able to throw it in your regular trash bin. Instead, call a professional junk removal company to haul it away for you–fast, efficient and easy.

JunkProsWA tackles big jobs like office and home renovations, so we know all about old carpeting. If there are parts to the carpeting that is salvageable, we will take it to the proper recycling facility. Check out what services is right for your job today.

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