Tips For After-Winter Yard Clean Up

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Ti ps for After-Winter Yard Clean Up

Snow, rain, winds, ice. Your yard has taken a beating this year. It is time to start cleaning so here are some great tips to get your yard ready for Spring.

Snow & Ice i.e. the white, cold stuff that only looks pretty until it melts. Then not so much.

It’s all about the layers here. Freshly fallen, loose snow is always easier to remove than snow that’s had a chance to sit, freeze and compact itself. Removing ice and snow from your yard–first and foremost–is important to avoid:

  • Injuries from slips and falls
  • Stalled cars in driveways
  • Damaging items like bikes, lawn mowers, that are stored outside
  • Snow Mold , which is caused by cold-weather fungi that damage the vitality and appearance of lawns

You will need:

  • Leaf Rake
  • Shovel
  • Salt, sand or ash

If possible, shovel away the first layer of snow the morning after it falls. That way, the afternoon sun could help melt the ice underneath. Consider using a leaf rake to help break up the snow and ice, and clear out leaf and shrub debris. Then, salt your pathways using rock salt or even ordinary table salt. Rule of Thumb: Use 1 Tablespoon for each square meter you need clearing. Regular sand or ash are also great alternatives. Remember, never use water to melt ice! This creates black ice, the most dangerous of our winter concerns!

Now the Garden. i.e. That beautiful patch of yard that used to look like a garden. Now not so much.

Winter snow and heavy rains damage the trees, shrubs, and fences around your garden. Regular pruning could keep the damage at bay. But let’s face it, winter gardening is not the most appealing. However, starting now, even after our last snowfall, is easy.

You will need:

  • Rake
  • Trash Bags
  • Gloves
  • Pruning Shears of any kind

Cut back dead branches, leave or any unwanted overgrowth. Not only does revitalize your trees and bushes for spring, but allows you to check for potential weather damage  Rake away leaves, shrubs, and debris into compostable bags. Remember that some trees– like the tall leafy conifers–are temperamental in the wind, and can be dangerous to prune in windy weather. Use your best judgment when trimming your garden trees to avoid fallen branches and other injuries.

Keep in mind that while curbside compost pickup may be part of your residential waste management plan, larger projects like this can benefit from a junk removal service , which will quickly and safely remove your yard debris from right where it lies.

Litter and Junk i.e my rusty, old bike, random trash and somehow an old fridge.

Most likely during these winter winds and storms, litter blew in from all directions into your yard. Take your time to clear away the snow and mud, and clean up the litter in your yards and gardens. Start your Spring with a fresh, clean look: free of trash, animal feces, pinecones, and shrubs.

Make sure to check for water damage. Larger items like bikes, lawn mowers, and deep freezers are vulnerable to rust and damage. Here again is a great time to consider a junk removal service , that will come to you and haul away any and all junk from right where it lies. There is no job too big or small, and these professionals will separate your recyclables/compostable from your waste and will dispose of it quickly and responsibly. Let the big stuff go. You have enough to do already. So consider letting the professionals help with this last part!

The hardest part about winter yard clean up is getting started. But with these basic tips, you are well on your way to clearing out that yard for spring!

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